WalkWorks Tracker

PA WalkWorks Walker Tracker

WalkWorks finally has a web-based tool for tracking physical activity; it’s Walker Tracker! Users will have the opportunity to set personal goals for daily activity as well as create or join activity challenges.
In addition to utilizing it online, Walker Tracker may be used via its mobile app on both iPhones and Androids. Steps can be manually entered or users will be able to synchronize their daily activities directly from fitness devices such as FitBit, Garmin, Jawbone, Apple Health and Google Fit. Other forms of physical activity, such as swimming or biking – even yoga, can be converted into steps!

Step One: Click Here to Register Now Click Here for Walkwork Information
Step Two:

Forward this message to your Walking Group Leaders! Encourage your Leaders to create challenges!

Step Three:

Registration for Walker Tracker will be available on the PA WalkWorks website, though you can post it on your website, Facebook, Twitter, wherever!!!

Step Four:

Have fun! Speaking of fun, by identifying your resident county during registration, your Walker Tracker profile will provide you with a network of other users registered in your county! Use this opportunity to connect with other walkers in your area! …and don’t forget to challenge your family members, co-workers or whomever!

To access User Guides and step-by-step videos on how to set up your profile, join or create a challenge, and connect your fitness device, visit the “Help” tab on your profile.