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Administrative Code

Braddock Borough Administrative Code

What is the purpose of the Administrative Code?
The adoption of an Administrative Code by Braddock Borough Council is mandated by PA Act 62 of 1972 - The Home Rule Charter and Optional Plans Law and acts as a complement to the Home Rule Charter adopted by the citizenry on November 5, 2019. Together, the Home Rule Charter, Administrative Code and Administrative Manual will provide for the structure and functions of government, the general management and administration of the Borough and guide the day-to-day operations and processes conducted by municipal officials, employees and contractors. All form the basis for a fair and equitable local government for all residents and support the Borough’s efforts to recover from financial distress and develop a foundation for long term viability and financial self-sufficiency.

To view the full document, please see the downloadable documents section below. Downloadable Documents:
Braddock's Administrative Code.pdf (3.19 MB)

Lou Ransom Jr.

Borough Manager