Join Team Braddock

If you have any ideas for ways in which individuals can help Braddock grow and improve, please let us know. If you are looking for a specific group or team not listed below, please cal the municipal office at 412-271-1018 or send us an email.

Friends of the Civil Plaza
One of our most exciting developments in the borough is the development of a new Civic Plaza at the base of The Overlook residences. This communal space on the main corridor of our community will be a place for people to gather, to share, to reflect, to enjoy, and to appreciate the natural beauty of our home town. FRIENDS OF THE PARK (FOP) is a volunteer run group created to support the Civic Plaza financially and physically, as the borough goes forward with the design and fundraising necessary to create the Plaza, and to ensure the proper maintenance and management of the Plaza once it is completed.
Once the Plaza is built, volunteers will be needed to keep it litter free, clean and landscaped. Before the Plaza is built, the FOP will be charged with raising construction and maintenance funds through fundraising activities. We are asking local business owners and residents to show their support of this monumental effort to build a common space by making donations to the FOP fund
  • Businesses for a $50 contribution will receive a decal to show in their window designating them as a Friend of the Park. They will also receive one of our TEAM BRADDOCK T-shirts.
  • Individuals for a $25 contribution will receive a TEAM BRADDOCK team shirt to show their support.

Braddock Annual Clean Up Day Committee
The borough would like to have an annual day where residents and volunteers work together to beautify our open spaces, both public and privately owned. Sharing the work and tools, rounding up electronic recyclables that are not collected in regular garbage pick-up, disposing of large refuse items in borough provided dumpsters, these are a few of the tasks we would like committee members to organize for the good of the community.

Borough Board and Committee Positions
The borough has several standing committees and boards that require the active participation of borough residents. Following are the list of committees and boards that require volunteer membership: Zoning Hearing Board, Planning Commission, Tree Commission, Vacancy Board, and the Braddock Water Authority Board.

Braddock Holiday Committee
This event takes place during the holiday season and that the borough would like to resurrect it as an annual celebration. Members are needed to form a planning and fundraising committee. Please fill out the contact form below if you are interested in volunteering to help with this event.